MDF plywood

We would like to let you know about MDF plywood, a great choice with great value.

    At present in the furniture manufacturing industry Including in the group of building contractors interested in using wood panels instead of natural wood. Or in other countries, it is called Wood-based Panel more. If to be said simply, the wood panels used to replace these natural woods are different types of plywood. There is one type of wood that is needed in the market is high and very popular nowadays. That's MDF. What kind of wood is this? Why is the industry have high demand on this product? Let's find out.

What is MDF Plywood? AnyConv.com__BR6_4297.webp     MDF is a type of fiberboard wood product. The abbreviation MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. Medium Density Fiber Board This type of veneer is a product of eucalyptus wood chips. Producers will take the wood chips from the eucalyptus tree, chop and grind until fine and through the process of extracting the fibers. It is then taken into the compression process. It uses high-pressure compression and high heat to help keep the scraps tight. Until eventually it will become a board with the desired thickness. The thickness will be available in different levels depending on the manufacturer. They range in thickness from 2.5 mm. up to about 25 mm.

AnyConv.com__BR6_2972 (1).webp     MDF Board even it is a medium, but it must be high density fiberboard as well. That's right, there is another type of plywood in this type called HDF wood or High-Density Fiberboard, but in the industrial market, it is popular and there is a demand for wood. MDF is more, so we tend to hear people talk more about MDF than HDF.

Properties of MDF wood AnyConv.com__BR6_4289.webp     MDF is a board that is produced through a heat-pressed process. Therefore, it has properties that are superior to some types of plywood in many respects from       β€’ The flesh is firm, strong, can bear the weight quite well and is water resistant to a certain extent.       β€’ The surface is smooth. evenly on the whole sheet and the wood will look more detailed       β€’ Can be used to spray paint for decoration. because the wood will not absorb the paint sprayed So it's easy to color.

MDF plywood is suitable for which applications     From the properties of the MDF plywood mentioned above. Therefore, this type of board product is suitable for use in interior decoration of homes and buildings. For example, to decorate the walls, make door frames, and make frames. to make furniture For example, it can be used to make cabinets, beds and office equipment, etc.     However, although MDF plywood is strong and resistant to bending strength, But the strength also depends on the thickness and height of the board. And this is another good alternative to natural wood substitute materials. The value is not inferior and the price is reasonable either.