MDF vs Particleboard

Compared to plywood, MDF vs particleboard. How different of this 2 products

    Many people probably already know that at present, we have products in the group of natural wood substitutes that are veneer in a variety of styles for us to choose from. And two types that are in high demand in various industries are known to be very popular are MDF and particleboard. If you are the one who wants to buy and use these two boards. but still don't know the difference Let's try to clarify in this article. AnyConv.com__BR6_2979.webp Properties and capacities of MDF plywood AnyConv.com__BR6_2930.webp     production     MDF plywood are made from scraps of the eucalyptus tree. It is brought through a high-pressure compaction process and through high heat to make the board firm.

    Texture of MDF plywood     MDF plywood has a smooth surface. The surface of the board has a resolution. You can feel the smoothness and consistency of the entire sheet.

    Board weight MDF plywood     MDF is quite heavy. Because the wood chips are compacted until they are homogeneous Therefore, the internal density is high. make a certain weight but if compared to real wood of the same size & thickness, MDF plywood will be lighter.

    Strength properties of MDF plywood.     When the density is moderate, which is considered to be at a very high level, making MDF are strong and durable. It can bear enough weight, It is also resistant to water and humidity to a certain extent. Even if it is exposed to water, it should not be exposed to water as it will cause the board to deteriorate quickly.

    Decoration additional condition of MDF     MDF plywood can be decorated with additional paint finishes because wood inside will not absorb the color makes spraying over paint very convenient. However, it is suitable for spray paint only. Not suitable for use with paint.

Characteristics and properties of particleboard AnyConv.com__BR6_2923.webp     Production     Particle board Made from wood chips and sawdust. It could be wood chips and sawdust from a rubber tree or eucalyptus tree. It is then bonded to a homogeneous layer with chemical glue and then water is taken through a high-pressure compaction process and covered with melamine on the board.

    Texture of Particleboard     Particleboard usually has a uneven surface. even with melamine covered Compared to MDF, the texture of MDF is noticeably smoother. This is because the particleboard contains sawdust, so the boards are not evenly matched.

    Board weight of Particleboard     Compared to MDF, particleboard is lighter. Because there is a mixture of sawdust and the compression process is not as tight as MDF.

    Strength of Particleboard.     The particleboard has a certain level of strength. But compared to MDF, it is considered less strong. Also, the particleboard cannot be exposed to water. If exposed to water, it may weaken, deteriorate, and break in no time.

    Decorate Additional Condition     Particleboard cannot be exposed to water and moisture. Therefore, it cannot be used to decorate it with additional paint.

    Now I believe that everyone has seen the difference between these two types of plywood. Hopefully it will help make your shopping selection more or less easier than before.