The Secret of fiberboard

The Secret of fiberboard It's not wood, but it's a good substitute for wood.

    At present, environmental trends are becoming a trend that the world is catching up with. The idea of finding a substitute for natural materials such as wood is becoming more and more important. Over the years in the construction and decoration industry, plywood sheets called "Fiberboard" is used. If you look through it, it is almost impossible to distinguish whether it is wood or not. Although it is not wood, but the properties of this material can be used as a substitute for wood as well. So what exactly is fiberboard? Let's the secrets of this material.

What is fiber board? default-014.webp     Fiberboard is a product derived from the use of the branches and ends of real trees. It is ground and processed to become fibers. The obtained fibers are then subjected to a heat extrusion process until they become sheets. By using a chemical adhesive as a binder to bind each part together until it is firm and solid. May be fiberboard is a type of plywood. It is a non-wood product. It only uses parts of wood to build it. Most of the production of fiberboard in Thailand uses branches and ends from economic trees such as rubber trees and eucalyptus trees. Because these woods are abundant and have a lot of fibers suitable for use in this manner.

Main Characteristics and Interesting Features of Fiberboard AnyConv.com__BR6_2991.webp

    with modern science and technology Making the production of fiberboard veneer has evolved from the very early days. At present, there are many types of fiberboards ranging from       β€’ High Density Fiberboard (HDF) High Density Fiberboard.       β€’ High Moisture Resistance Board (HMR) moisture resistant fiberboard.       β€’ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Medium Density Fiberboard.      Each type will have different characteristics. But the characteristics and key features in the overview will be similar, that is.       β€’ It is a dense plywood sheet. smooth skin       β€’ high density Strong enough to support relatively high weight Good flexural strength       β€’ The wood has few hollows. Makes it easy to adjust the spray paint because the wood does not absorb the paint.

What kind of use is fiberboard suitable for? AnyConv.com__BR6_2977.webp

    Overall, fiberboard veneer is mainly used for furniture production. Because this type of wood has a smooth surface. Therefore, it is suitable for the job that needs to show the surface of the material. For example, it can be used to make a table, a shelf, make a cabinet door, and can also be used for decorations such as frame walls, door frames as well.     Fiberboard veneer can be said to be valuable and interesting, even if it is not wood. But the benefits and features of use are not inferior to wood at all. It is considered as one of the good choices to be used in furniture production and home decoration.